The material is really aimed to be wider appealing

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LMS and this, they look fun but I am worried about how much RuneScape gold focus they're putting on from sightout of head game modes which take players out of their significant MMO world and in their own little bubbles. Each individual Leagues that are playing with would be a individual not doing something with a person in the OSRS universe that is standard. When there's just one living, breathing world that everybody's 21, games of the genre are in their best. RuneScape has a propensity to feel like a single player game which you just happen to be playing along with other individuals occasionally, and I really wish they would give a love to PvM items which you basically need to do in classes. Especially at lower-mid amounts, higher degrees have GWD and raids and even shit like Zalcano I suppose, but OSRS is pretty much a single player game till you reach that point.

Kinda bummed contemplating this isn't a game mode friendly for all players. Some of us have children and full time jobs, where some play RuneScape for a dwelling. And I understand that it's shit luck for some of us but a new skill or something could have been exciting and fair, not a race to the finish line. However, good work on the imagination. I concur I have 8 kids and dogs to look after along with a 60 hour a week job. I can only play RuneScape for 15 minutes every month. I need Jagex created content.

The material is really aimed to be wider appealing. We ai not really aiming this for a super game style like we've done previously. It's a new spin on Old School and another approach to perform, whilst playing less you'll receive less points, every point you get makes a difference concerning the rewards you can get onto your primary account. The only way I will see this panning out (rather than getting destroyed in the polls) is if you are bucketed into a bunch of 50-100 players once you join. If everyone is competing against everyone, only the sweatiest players will take home the very best rewards. On the flip side, if you're randomly grouped into a small subset of the league playing population, you stand a far better chance of coming out on top.

In any event, this idea will need a great deal of fleshing out and refinement to pass.If the aim isn't supposed to be super aggressive, why in the very first paragraph, mention we'll be"in a race to be the first to finish major Old School achievements". That seems aggressive, imo. You mention a gap being made by that the things on the benefits for our mains. That is unbalanced towards streamers. What they make in one league, others will have a more, or year, worth of leagues to acquire, assuming things are kept. It looks like I'll be a difficult no with this particular vote. I'm more inclined to vote in favour of overpowered pvp rewards so I get slaughtered every run to the Abyss. I will give it a one particulars are especially announced to buy 2007 runescape gold and possibly get swayed. However, this seems like a really bad idea.

Well they polled a new skill but it failed, does not imply they can't add a new skill and also have something like that going on, just nothing currently. Competition is a good thing for RuneScape and catering to people who have jobs and children isn't a good thing for RuneScape, if they could just make content to the lowest common denominator RuneScape would be very boring. Shit chance for you, that is a really unhealthy attitude about RuneScape - which because you personally don't want to engage in content they want to add, you feel the need to remark a passive aggressive passing on reddit relating to it instead of comment constructively.